What will it take to transform your garden into a sanctuary?

Greg created Past the Gate to help you bring romance, drama, mystery, and theatre to your garden. Over the years he has designed and installed hundreds of outdoor living spaces. It’s clear that there’s no one-size-fits all. Whether you love hosting outdoor soirees or crave a private oasis to sip early morning coffee, the garden that you long to be in consists of very personal elements.

Walking into your garden should feel like stepping into your own personal sanctuary. Although each garden is unique, the process generally follows the following steps:

Getting to Know You

Where do you vacation? When do you feel most relaxed? We ask questions about what excites you? What kind of gathering will you host? Who will be using this space? Ideally, your plan should reflect everything from your home’s architecture, to the interior style and your own personal artistic taste.

Discuss Functionality

Is the garden for cooking, dining, entertaining, play, or all of the above? These types of plans contribute significantly to the design direction and they must be thoroughly explored.

Measure Site

As we measure and photograph the entire site, We’ll pay attention to how you’ll experience the garden from the house and vice versa. We’ll also note which existing trees and shrubs should remain.

Design Plan & Itemize Costs

Your design includes a scaled plot plan detailing the hardscape layout (patios, walks, walls, pergolas, etc.) combined with perspective sketches. A line-item budget gives you a detailed understanding of the costs. 

Click on the video below to see our animated design ready for presentation to the client for approval.

Approve Design Plan

Take time to absorb the information and picture your new garden. Ask us questions, make changes, and hammer out the logistics of budget, contract, and scope.

Begin Construction

As soon as we set a start date your dream garden is put into motion.

Do you already have a spectacular garden? Perhaps our HORTICULTURAL or
services are right for you.