Custom Landscape Maintenance Services

Some of our Customized Services

  • Custom Landscape Maintenance Packages
  • Water Management at Every Visit
  • Irrigation Monitoring and Repairs
  • Hand Pruning, Cutting-back and Dead-heading
  • Lawn and Garden Maintenance, Weed and Feed Naturally
  • Specialty Pruning, Plant Management, Plantings
  • Monthly Inspections by Greg Wrenn, PtG founder

How do you keep the perfect garden? Maintenance and love, of course. Gardens require care year-round to maintain flawless plant vitality and attractiveness. Our maintenance experts routinely inspect plants for changes in health while hand pruning. Whether you have a manicured formal garden, a free-flowing drought-tolerant native garden, or anything between, Past the Gate maintenance services keep your landscape design in continuous top condition for you and your guests to enjoy.

Our team will come out to your home and do an evaluation on your current irrigation and lighting as well as a review of garden care needs and then provide you with a monthly maintenance estimate within 2 weeks of that visit.

Bay Area Lawn and Garden Horticultural Services


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